Mission statement / Introductions

Er, hello there. I’m not particularly good at writing these self-professing intros, where writers throw their soul into the limelight and show the internet what they’re apparently capable of. Mostly because I’m not looking for that 15 minutes of fame, I’m merely here as an emissary and purloiner of cheap deals.

In a nutshell, video games are, usually, too expensive these days. Without using the phrase “back in my day“, I want to bring small, independent titles from the inner reaches of the vast market of Steam, and then present them here, to you. There’s only one rule when it comes to these reviews: the games on show must cost less than a Greg’s sandwich. Oddly specific I know.

From time to time I’ll likely throw up some important VG news, or an article or two about scandals (which we have no lack of). Just as a forewarning, there’s no arbitrary time frame that I’ll tie myself to. Reviews will be done when they’re done, and when I’ve got some scrapings of excess money to throw around.

With all that said and done, welcome to the site! Things will likely keep changing around, as I learn how to connect the dots between profiles and whatnot, but please, enjoy your stay here.


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