Grand Pigeon’s Duty – Putting the “dooty” in “Duty”


The avian apocalypse is nigh. Humanity has abandoned conventional foodstuffs because of leaps in medical surgery that have managed to create stomachs, that are powered by fuel rather than calories. This incredible change sadly meant that birds around the world began to starve. However, even as our winged friends slowly perished, they took action to fill the Bread Bank again.

Enter John Pigeon. The truest hero you’ll ever have the misfortune of being defecated on. Armed with an unknown bowel ailment, and a lot of bread, as well as a cast of characters pulled straight from some the best films of the nineties and early two thousands, John is taken under the wing of the resistance. A group shrouded in mystery, for about a minute anyway, who aim to topple humanities love of fuel: with poo.

Despite any, and all, preconceived notions that you’ll likely have when starting this glorious ensemble of feces, GPD is actually an incredible feat of brilliance. The story is engaging, with funny characters, and not forgetting a soundtrack that you’ll want to keep listening to until your ears bleed. All bells and whistles aside, the gameplay is wholeheartedly simplistic. Move using the arrow keys, fire ‘bombs‘ using spacebar. After spending time learning this complex layout, the game then turns on the heat and decides to roast you.

The campaign is anything but easy. Rewarding, yes. Enraging? Without a shadow of a doubt. Because you’re taking control of a terminally ill flying fiend with a bowel system about as open as the London underground, you become something of a poo flinging expert against the wind. Each mission presents you with a varied objective, from hitting ten people, to only hitting cars, that keeps your skills on edge. Later, new mechanics beyond wind are introduced (but telling would be spoiling) and missions manage to become even more tense.

If you’ve any sense or free time, Grand Pigeon’s Duty is right up your alley. Easy to pick up, easy to play, strangely rewarding and charming in its presentation. Everything not only works with this game to create a unique adventure, but also inspires players to always look out for our feathered friends.

Grand Pigeon’s Duty / £0.79 / 10/10


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