What I get up to…

Basically, I do a lot. I get that this vague, unimpressive statement applies to 99% of people, but I’m trying to reason with you all as to why I can’t always deliver a review every week (even though I made no such promise). I write for myself, my course, three sites, and other more miscellaneous stuff over just one week. As an offering to all of you, I present you with links to these sites: so that you may enjoy more of me.

IndieGameRiot – http://indiegameriot.com – An independent US based review team, with a pretty damn good podcast.

Goomba Stomp – http://www.goombastomp.com – A growing US syndicate site, honestly the most professional site I’ve had the pleasure to work for.

OneUpGaming – http://www.oneupgaming.co.uk – The first team I started to write for, this lot are somewhat eccentric, but deliver a unique style that I love.

Under_sandwich_reviews – Tip: you’re already here!

(Now defunct) The Nerd Cave – http://thenerdiestcave.blogspot.co.uk – The thing that got me into writing for video games in the first place. Enjoy it in all it’s former glory.


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