Darkest Dungeon mirrors student lifestyle

The more play time a person devotes to this masterpiece, the more they understand how desolate, and evil the world around them truly is. Everything becomes an upward battle, and students are on the front line of that same battle, trying to survive. It’s scarily similar to Darkest Dungeon in many, many ways.

1) Everyone is going to get stressed –

It’s unavoidable. Every person is going to take stress damage, whether it’s from assignments, drama, drinking, or other means. Of course, this stress can develop if not dealt with. Resulting afflictions include mental health issues, or personality warping, that can forever change a person.

2) New friends come and go –

Arriving not in stagecoaches  but instead by foot, car, train, and any other means, new recruits aren’t exactly hard to come by nowadays. Freshers are effectively level 0 adventurers. They think they’re safe. They know nothing. Not yet anyway.

3) You’ve NEVER got enough gold –

You want to buy something nice, a reward perhaps for completing a hefty piece of work, maybe for doing dry January, but you can’t. You can’t because there’s bills. On top of those bills are food bills, next to those are books you need to buy, and next to the books are nights out. There’s always something trying to stand in your way of enjoying yourself.

4) Things are expensive, and saving is needed –

New upgrades take time, and effort to afford. A new kettle is vital to the survival of the house, but it’s fancy, and costs a great deal. So you wait. And wait, and then keep waiting until you’ve got enough money just to pitch in for this one kettle. This same theory applies to every item in your wishlist.

5) Players leave, or even die –

It’s sad when it happens. But accidents occur, people do pass from the mortal coil, and all that’s left is to honour them. People leaving is equally as stressful, as that slot they once held needs to be filled. By a new soul.

6) Everything is hopeless –

Don’t prod the Eldritch truth. Please don’t prod the Eldritch truth.

More from DD soon (because I’m powering through the Warrens at the moment, and they’re kicking my backside).


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